Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Smoooooth Newt

Okay, so I didn't get round to posting these when I said I would, but, Ive been super busy demonstrating on the MB1 course at the marine station. But here I am with one of my more secretive neighbours, a fab smooth newt (Lissotriton vulgaris)! Please forgive my sleepy demeanour, it was still early, but I'd been up for hours...


I have been up since 5 am... hence hugging my coffee and looking half asleep.

Remember that newts, should you come across one, are protected by law (and prefer to be left alone); however this they don't do too well on salty roads, so I gave this little gem a lift into the nearby marsh field.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Conservation in a Conference Centre

Apologies for my absence, I've been scaring myself silly, presenting at this years European Congress for Conservation Biology; it was a lot of fun and much discussion and boozing was done by all (well, myself and Chris Parsons).

There were some great talks on all fields of conservation science, ranging from the broad to the broadly incomprehensible; and I'm sure I went to more on birds and birding than on marine science, but, hey, what are these things for?

I'm back on my island now anyway - and its raining - but, just for you, I did manage to find some previously unphotographed island inhabitants. Tune in tomorrow for pictures of the wonderful newts in the field next door! Looks like I'm back in the saddle already.

"this Nephrops is, of course, to scale..."