Monday, 24 October 2011

Out of My Area: Cairngorms National Park

When you've had a tough couple of weeks and you feel like you've had no time to yourself what so ever you have a number of options, carry on regardless like there's nothing up, take some time for yourself to truly relax, or (like I decided to do) stress yourself completely by having 3 early morning calls ups, driving 600 miles, meeting complete strangers, and tramping off into the unknown.

My antidote for the last fortnight's frustrations was to pack up the car and head first to meet friends at Pitlochry to check out the dam and fish ladder (now known as the "Damn Fish Ladder"), then up to Lossiemouth on the banks of the Spey, then down to the Ladder Hills to conquer a couple of Corbetts, then back to work this morning. And you know what, It was damned good fun. Here are some pictures. I'm going to bed!

The "Damn Fish Ladder"!

My wonderful hosts for the weekend, Lou and Daz

R. Tummel

Me and the Fish Counter 9000

Out over the Ladder Hills

Lou and Glen Livet
The Motley Crew

A Cairn on a Corbett....

Elusive Sunshine

And the Black Grouse...

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