Monday, 2 July 2012

Slow Few Days

Not a lot to report this weekend, a visit from the parents this weekend limited outdoor time; however, I did have an excellent carvery at the Hungry Monk and bought some ace lavender ice cream at Lime Tree Larder, AND the Ravenscraig sparrowhawk chicks hatched. 

While they were here, I took the opportunity to take the 'rents for a look at the reserve. Despite it being unusually quiet we were rewarded with a brief view of a Spotted Flycatcher.

Blurry Spot Fly!

Today was generally wet and miserable and I spent it in the dark of the SEM lab, listening to the Spooky Men's Chorale and reading Gripping Yarns by Mr B Oddie (a situation which I can recommend).  On the way home I was stopped by the sound of chirping. Two immature Whitethroat were watching me warily from the gorse, then I was thoroughly "yelled at" by one of the parents on the opposite side of the path. The juv.s disappeared but the adult flitted nervously between the foliage allowing me enough time for a few photos.

go away...

...Go Away....

... GO AWAY!!!

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