Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Taming...

Seriously, sometimes life gives you a break - "214 quid spent on a new exhaust for the Rockmobile and an Olympic sized hangover? No problems, have a friendly shrew to distract you". I seriously love shrews, adorable furry things that have no trouble taking a serious chunk out of your fingers if you're dumb enough to fall for the dozy fluff-ball act, AND they make an excellent food source for any number of my favourite beasties such as kestrels, weasels etc. It was really surprising to see this little darling wandering round the lawn in broad daylight.

Shrews are insectivores and have one fast paced metabolism, as such they spend most of their day out hunting for slugs, beetles and other creepy crawlies; this one was no different and it was hard to get a picture without its head stuck in amongst the grass. It also seemed pretty oblivious to my snapping away (on occasion wandering over my hat and camera strap), a little gem. Enjoy!

Eyes and ears almost invisible - its all about SMELL


Completely clueless!

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