Monday, 12 November 2012

Needing a Getaway

Just a quick question, am I the only person that hasn't seen a waxwing yet this autumn? Their supposedly everywhere. All up and around the Clyde and Ayrshire areas the reports are coming in; but here on Cumbrae? Nada. Zip. Granted, having 5 minutes daylight a day isn't helping the odds. And to make matters worse, the cloud seems to have cut out the Rain middle-man and just decided to sit right on us.

The best thing I've seen for a week is a few kittiwakes from the back of today's ill timed trip on the trawler. Plenty of prawns, no birds. With that in mind, I'm escaping. This Friday I'm taking a week off, and heading to Yorkshire, then to the ole homestead in Notts. A whole week without thermals... It'll be ace. Maybe that bee-eater'll still be around for me to swing in on as I go past, it seems to have hung around forever now...

... a girl can hope.


  1. Good look with the Bee-eater! If you need a birding companion in Yorks give me a shout!

    1. My mother always told me, "never to go birding with strange men", or something like that anyway!

      That said, I'll be about the York area between Sunday and Wednesday (across toward Spurn on the Monday), and never miss the opportunity for some local knowledge!

  2. haha it is a popular saying!! I think my mum told me the same thing! Well I'll be about the LDV on Sunday looking for Hen Harriers (unless a Pine Grosbeak turns up somewhere), or trying to photograph Waxwings. If you email me I can drop some contact details through if you want: andywalker1000 at hotmail . com