Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Holiday - Part 2 (delayed by two weeks due to blog f-up)

A few hours at Attenborough with Dad, finally posted!

It was damp out. After complaining about the weather all month, Britain seemed set to show me what it can really do when it puts its mind to it. But, thankfully on the 23rd it was sunny in Notts. So Dad and I bundled into the car and headed for Attenborough nature reserve. Which was very, very wet. So much so that half of the trails were un-passable, so we went for the "new" hide - which is on stilts.

Well it was, as they say, nice weather for ducks. As well as the usual tits and finches and a few rogue redwing, we racked up pochard, wigeon, tufted duck, goldeneye, gadwall, shoveller, mallard, red crested pochard, ruddy duck, goosander and GC grebe. The usual egyptian geese were loitering round the carpark, a GS woodpeaker was calling from a treetop, and at the hide we had a great flight view of a snipe that just couldn't settle on one spot.

All in all a nice few hours birding, shame the flood made us miss the waxwings.

RC Pochard

Distant Shoveller


I swear its a ruddy duck!

Car park scavenger

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