Thursday, 27 June 2013

Brace yourselves...

Okay, I have no shame.

But its true. Next week is the first of my 2 trips to Mull. 3 days exploring the otter haunts and seal haul outs. A couple of boat trips to take in the Treshnish Isles, looking out for basking sharks and catching up with the puffins on Lunga, finally exploring Staffa and taking a peek inside Fingles cave. Then, to round off the month, its lakeland with Matt and the 'rents. Hoping for Ring Ouzel near Haweswater, but I've no guarantee of steering the group that way... might have to take a detour on my own somewhere along the line!

August brings a cruise down to Belfast with the RYA's cruise in company, starting at Largs and heading over the Irish Sea, via Rathlin Island. Then September, the highlight of the year, Iceland. Okay it's ostensibly for a conference, and its kind of the off season. but that all adds to the challenge. The guides are out, and I'm planning my routes to bag those northern species. And throughout it all I'm out on the research boats once or twice a month, sampling for microplastics (FYI Monday was a birding bust, nothing but a few gannets and tysties).

So prepare yourselves for a flurry of excited, self indulgent posts. Lets hope the weather improves.

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