Saturday, 12 July 2014

More of the Allotment

Last month I was back home for a few days, and took the chance to nip to the allotment and see how everything was growing; it sure has changed.

For a start everything has grown about a foot. In the front of shot is the mass of spuds, hiding the garlic (and elephant garlic) beside the pea net. Behind those are the dwarf beans and the covered melon bed. We've even gotten the sweetcorn in now, which should crop in early autumn. 

Green and growing
The recycling has been recycled too. What were water filled weights to hold down the fleece are now cane toppers which double as handy bird scarers. You can see just how wild the spuds have gone in the back of shot.

Below that you can see that out army of willing pest control are still active, looking out for aphids and black fly. Its a two-spot ladybird if anyone's started ID'ing.

Yes is the same two spot as in the ladybird post.

I've proved myself not to be completely inept when it comes to planting, as my salad and marigold companion bed is going strong with regular watering from the folks. In fact, plants are cropping all over the allotment - showing how much warmer it is in Nottingham than here in the north. The peas, beans, salad, and strawberries were all ready to pick and we filled a basket or two to take home before planting out new stuff for the autumn.

Even the poor salads and marigolds that I planted roughly two months ago have pulled through

Only about 50% of the peas make it home.

minus one strawberry

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