Monday, 28 July 2014

More things that go bump in the night (can anyone help me with this moth)

Moths first. It was a productive night -
  • 3 Hebrew character
  • 1 Lesser broad bordered yellow underwing
  • 1 Common carpet
  • 1 Scalloped oak
  • 1 Dark Arches
  • 1 Snout
  • 1 Early thorn
  • 2 funny looking footman with lots of speckles
  • and 1 funny looking dart

?????? (turns out its Udea lutealis)
Broad Banded Yellow Underwing

Common Wainscot
Scalloped Oak

Early Thorn


There's also been bird movement. Up for grabs this evening were views of Ravenscraig's ever more mobile barn owl chicks. The barny's bred in a cave on the crag again this year. Despite low numbers of voles and mice all the chicks look healthy, and for the last 3 nights they've been testing their wings, moving back and forth between the crags. Apologies for the quality of the shots, they're not cooperative birds (1/40 ISO 1800).



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