Thursday, 19 February 2015

Some people get flowers...

I get owls...

Okay, not free range owls (otherwise it'd look like some jet-setting international owl stag-do), but Owl Trust owls. It was a bit warmer than a my walks for tawny and barn owls on the island, and there was reliable coffee and cake.

Most excitingly I got to see SIX of my favourites. Gorgeous little Tengmalm's owls, looking like they were straight out of a story book. AND there were two ferruginous pymgy owls; the tiny, rabid fuzz-balls, no bigger than a fluffed up robin.

The volunteers at the trust were wonderful introducing us to many of the birds, and we spent about 3 hours strolling around, waiting for feeding to get the best shots. Anyway, no more exposition-al text this week, on to the OWLS!

Ashy Faced Owl - one of the Tyto's obvs!

The wonderful, magical Tengmalm's
Great Grey Owl
F. Pymgy Owl - dove killer.

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