Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Bunking off on a Tuesday

After a day without power and the terrible winds of the day before I decided that my lunchtime should be taken up with checking the beaches for interesting plastic debris for my thesis and a LOOOOOOONG walk. So, sun out camera charged, I headed for the hills. The trig point to be more exact.

Of course the rain hit instantly, followed by hail.... followed by glorious sun. Sometimes I forget I've moved to Scotland.

I only saw three people in three hours. Bliss.

This is the damage caused by the salt and high winds on Monday 

Thankfully by the time I hit the trig it was sunny again.

The Pipits sang all through my lunch at the trig.

I don't know quite how I did this, I'd be impressed with myself but for the entirely accidental nature of the shot.

A slightly more focused OyC


  1. I love the contrast of the first three pictures. Also who took the one of you at the trig? Was it some balancing and a timer setting, or was it one of the three people you saw?

  2. Balancing, I had that hill to myself! :)