Saturday, 11 June 2011

 Its been an unbelievably good few days here on planet Cumbrae, so I thought I'd make the most of the sunshine and go out yesterday evening to track down the nests I've located and see some of the busy adults feeding. Then it was nice again this morning, so off I toddled again. I ended up with over a thousand photos, but here are some of my favourites, enjoy!

My first rule when out and about, always look behind you, sometimes its an unexpected car, sometimes its a cheeky Oystercatcher.

My first target for the day was the Whitethroat nest, which was well attended by two very busy adults.
Although fairly camera shy I managed a few nice shots.
As far as I could spot, breakfast consisted of a seemingly endless supply of green caterpillars.
Second on my hit list were the Willow Warblers, who appeared to be enjoying the sun as much as me!
This is the Ravenscraig nest, where I can side on the far kerb like a weirdo and snap away to my hearts content!
The warblers I saw seemed to have no trouble bringing in the bugs...
....even some quite large ones!

I also hung around the Phragmites bed hoping for a glimpse of the Reed Buntings, and they didn't disappoint.
Unfortunately they barely sat still for a photo. I'll be off out for these guys again next sunny day :)
Had to put this one in as it's my favourite picture of the day.
An unedited, happy accident, and a gorgeous, fluffed up Goldfinch
Low on waders today, Aside from the usual Oystercatchers this was the only other one I spied, a coy Common Sand, quickly flushed by the "Peloton from Hell", otherwise known as the diabetes charity cycle ride.

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  1. Ok you are getting some brilliant shots, even I can see that with my lay-eyes. :P