Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Benefits of Being an Early Riser

People may have heard me say that Cumbrae gives me something new everyday. It was that thought that got me out the door at 7 30 again this morning. I cant believe I nearly didn't go. I almost stopped a third of my way around Farland point as I was walking into the sun and wasn't getting any good images. I'm so glad I didn't. The weather was, and still is, gorgeous and as I looked out toward the Irish Sea I saw this...

What's that in the distance?

A FREAKING OTTER!!! I've never seen an otter in the wild and I dropped everything in the mad scramble to swap lenses. By which time it was well round the headland. Well of course I did what every sane sensible wildlife photographer does... I picked up my bag, bent double behind the rocky out crop... and SPRINTED. Over dew damp sandstone, slimy seaweeds and soaking grass.

Any one who knows me knows I don't run. Needless to say, I fell a couple of times, each time pulling my camera in close to avoid disaster. I got to the tip of the point. Scaled the best outcrop to give me a 180 view, tried to stop my hands shaking, and waited.....

Here it is folks, snapped in the five minutes before the dogwalkers appeared, my Nessie moment, blurred headshots and all. Next time I'll be prepared, next time I'll be ready, next time I'll borrow the boss's camera!
Okay, so it's a nessie-shot, but definitely an otter
One too busy feeding to be interested in me...
From now on, I'm on Farland Point every clear day. I mean, just look at the sea state. Too perfect. As soon as I hone my camera skills I'll be able to do mornings like this justice.... I see an expensive purchase in my future.

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