Sunday, 5 June 2011

If you go down to the beach today.... will be raining. However, if you went last Wednesday, you'd have found myself, the ever charismatic Tom and the local Steiner school. It wasn't the best weather, and the kids wanted to spend more time getting water over their wellies than hunting for beasties, but who can blame them. We wandered from the station to Millport and back and I, of course, snapped along the way.

When I met the kids they were drawing the results of a trawl, one of my particular favourites was the Squat Lobster, apparently called Nippy

And then it was time for the beach walk, ten kids and only four wranglers on a very rock shore

Some days I can walk to work and not hear a car, that really reflects in the air quality, and then we get the most beautiful lichens.

Keep your eyes on the strandline, there are always new finds to be had. Bones, worn glass and ceramics, even the occasional antler. This is the former.

Hordes of (supposedly) Edible Periwinkle patrol the intertidal. I've never had the heart (or stomach) to try one.

My favourite coastal finds, the ever beautiful Beadlet Anemone, I scour the rock pools for open individuals...

And occasionally I find one, clinging to a Common Mussel shell amongst the Grey Topshells and Common Barnacles. 

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