Monday, 20 June 2011

What A Weekend!

Well, if you class the weekend as starting on Wednesday, because it did for me. With not one, not two, not even three, BUT FOUR OTTERS in Kames Bay! No long lens and low light leads to very dodgy pictures by the way.

Behold the otters! or the skillfully shape shifting rock....

See, the bit on the left has gone, and the lumps have moved!

Then as we set of on our Sunday walk around the island, another! between the coal terminal and the island, a big dog otter! Followed quickly by a lovely Wheatear, the first I've seen on the island, and towards the end of the walk nice views of the hunting Sedge Warblers and the Merganser again. The latter have been seen in Kames Bay with chicks, so I think Matt will be dragged along on a hunt for small fluffy things next fine day.

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