Thursday, 26 January 2012

Aromia moschata (Linnaeus)

In addition to my last post. An alert just popped up on my page informing me that my name had been mentioned in an article, and I am delighted to be told that I had a brush with a first for Spurn. Not a bird, but a beetle.

I was the chosen stopping point for Aromia moschata (Linnaeus), a musk beetle, which decided to land on my arm as I counted in visitors. The individual was over 3 centimeters long and perhaps one of the beautiful beetles I have ever seen, but a real shock in a hideously hung over state.

You can find the original text here. Thank you very much to the author M.L.Denton for including me in the mentions, despite my very minimal involvement in the finding and identification, I am quite chuffed.

Aromia moschata

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