Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Out of My Area: "Working" and the Naturebites birdrace

Another week working down on the Humber took me to four sites, each great in their own way. Unfortunately Faxfleet was unreachable due to the heavy snow fall.

Luckily one of my sites this week was Spurn itself, so I took the opportunity to crash down at the obs. 

Cars make such great hides (especially when you get the heater going), everything strolls casually by.

And occasionally everything decides that your bit of beach is the place to be. The Dunlin, Redshank and my friendly Curlew kept me company all shift).

On Thursday Adam and I took on the challenge laid by Kathy James of naturebites. A 6 hour county wide birdrace. I was only down for one day off, and, off course, it snowed, but we went for it anyway!

6 hours chilly hours later we'd totalled 71 birds including red necked grebe, short eared owl, yellowhammer, red throated diver, goldeneye, whooper swan and barn owl. We await the final results with bated breath!

Adam had managed to avoid the camera for most of the day, but I finally got him whilst he was distracted by snow...

Sensibly I had bought along my ridiculous hat and a few pairs of gloves to combat the evil cold!

Most of the birds weren't sitting still long enough for me to get clear shots, but to be honest we were more keen to catch more for our race total than take pretty snaps!

But their were some nice birds around, and weather be damned, we were going to find them!

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