Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My day so far...

This morning we've had Strathclyde Police across for a 50m chamber dive, all very routine except that we had the Chief Inspector in, so John and I pulled on the fancy overalls.

Go Green!
We were up and running by 10... the police didn't arrive until 11:30... We took the opportunity to drink coffee and watch others work.

The cops had travelled down by high powered RIB so, after the dive and in the interests of training, we donned our life jackets and scrambled aboard.

Best Wednesday EVER!

Even a few Porpoises for good measure

We took a blast out to Little Cumbrae then, having both done our powerboat level 2, we were allowed to step into the driving seat.

John was first up, cranking up the revs around wee Cumbrae

... then I brought us round the top of the island and back to the pier, 42 KNOTS BABY!

All in all, not something I thought I'd be doing today, but who wouldn't. SO MUCH FUN! Big thanks to the great guys from Strathclyde.

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  1. Thank you for rendering a visit to "Les Fous du Cap" and to have left a few words. We enjoyed visiting your blog with these beautiful pictures.
    See you soon.
    Céline & Philippe


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