Sunday, 10 June 2012

I win at "spot the birdy"

First of all, I want to thank Billy from the Lochwinnoch (LW) team for letting me try out his 500mm lens before I shell out my hard earned cash. I can confidently part with my money now!

and what better subject to snap away at? (see below...)

This was about the only sunny period of my shift!

Right, enough of that, on to my win today. I'd arrived at LW half an hour before my shift and headed into the vol's room for my usual pre-shift coffee. After greeting the usual staff members I hadn't bumped into before, I was left alone to my coffee. 

Settling myself down beside the window I cursed leaving my optics at home (too distracting whilst in the shop), especially as, down on the scrape, something was taking a bath....

I nipped through to the store and grabbed some spare bin's... Snipe.... Two Snipe. Camera OUT!

"That's a dumpy looking wader..."

A Deuce!
 Later, when I was playing with the Big-Boy lens in the photo hide, they reappeared. My Day. Thoroughly made!

The usual snipe view (along with "disappearing backside")

One stripy head

That'll teach me not to leave my bin's home, could have been a disaster, luckily I kept hold of my camera. But still, first ever bird up on the day list for me (the 12:30 start doesn't help)! Other highlights of the day included the ever charismatic Greater Spotted, some particularly fine redpoll, and a lovely blackcap.

The rest of the day was spent sweating in pre-thunderstorm weather as I lugged 12.75kg sacks of feed around (£5 quid off big sacks until Tuesday folks!), chatting with ever-so friendly visitors and picking up treats for my birds back home. All in all, another great Sunday.

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