Saturday, 16 June 2012

House Guest

I've had a great day today; nice lie in, good food, finally tracked down the nest of the sparrow hawk that had been repeatedly hitting my feeders (can't wait to watch the little beauties grow), and on the way to work I found a new friend. 

She's a gorgeous Common Lizard, and is heavily pregnant. Lizards aren't happy in the cold and damp we've had recently, and she was half in a puddle on the pavement and not moving a muscle, minus a tail (probably from being attacked by something in her sluggish state), and with a few cuts and scrapes. So I took her to work with me. An hour in a spare tank in my warm office and she was looking more spritely, but still not moving around. So, I've brought her home to warm through and chow down on some spiders in my flat over night. Hopefully in the morning she'll be well enough to head back out into the field.

Zootoca vivipara - female
Picture - Matthew Luckcuck
UPDATE: Vivienne had her first spider this morning, om nom, arachnids!

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