Wednesday, 18 July 2012

I have very few words to describe the last fortnight...

... but thankfully lots of pictures!

I've just back from my second week on Mull. A different selection of staff this time so I was on boats everyday, and BOY did they deliver! 

Got my camo threads ready to go!
Lets start with the mammals. Day one on Sula Beag of Sealife Surveys. The weather was pretty cruddy, so we stayed within the shelter of Ardnamurchan. Our on board guide Ewen (Blog - Geltsdale Wildlife Warrior), was a true hero, spotting this distant otter (circled).

Day two, Staffa Tours, out by the Cairns of Coll in beautiful weather. Two wonderful minke whales - the first I've seen around Mull.

Staffa tours continued to deliver on both day two and three, with 18 basking sharks observed between the two trips!

White scarring on the nose, possibly from a boat strike

I'll continue with the birds... 

                       ...there were stonking seabirds!
On Sula Beag, I spotted two red throated divers, and Ewen and Andy bagged two more.

I lost my lens hood for these shots... I don't even care

Then of course there were two more visits to Lunga with Staffa Tours :)

The spot Phil picked out for the student's observation exercises afforded great views of a number of species, the cynic in me thinks it was deliberately chosen for its photo oportunities... 

This week there were plenty of fluffy Fulmar chicks on show.

I've been trying for decent Fulmar shots for a year
Once again it was puffin fantastic!

loads of sand eels = loads of terns

Black Guillemots around Staffa
And all these nesting and feeding birds were bringing in the Skau's.

 All in all, I'm very, very happy! Now I REALLY need sleep!

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