Sunday, 8 July 2012

Mull - Trip 1 Boat 2 - Staffa Tours

"Good girl, Natalie. Have a toffee" That's what the universe was saying to me yesterday as we headed out on our Staffa Tours trip to the Isle of Lunga. One of those awesome moments when you realise that all those life choices may have been right!

As we steamed out of Tobermory there was a slight breeze, which became a strong breeze and a sea state of 3-4 as we left the shelter of Ardnamurchan... We were up top, and within minutes were drenched with spray. I took the wuss route for the sake of my already soaked socks (not to mention my camera), and headed down below with the damper students while the others bravely continued with their observations. 

Luckily by the time we reached Coll I had dried and the sea was calmer, allowing great views of at least 3 basking sharks, one a 10 meter giant! The guys up top got great views of them breaching, but I was happy just to have them cruising around us.

Next we headed for Lunga, and disembarked for a 2 hour stop, when the students would be making behavioural observations of the island's amazing avian inhabitants.The air was think with razorbills, guillemots, shags, kittiwakes, fulmars, common terns, and - best of all - puffins. 

I took over 1300 pictures, and I think I grinned for the full 6 hours we were out. And I certainly celebrated with a few beers last night... Ouch! Enjoy the pictures, I know I enjoyed taking them! (And, in case you're wondering about my new lens, its the best present I've ever bought myself!)

Too big to fit in the frame - check out that GAPE!


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  1. Oh wow Natalie! I have never seen a basking shark so I am soooo jealous!