Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Clyde Nights

Well, more Clyde evenings. I've just come in from another 45 minute long 10 minute evening walk.

I like to get out in the evenings when I can, the mix of air currents around the islands and semi-maritime climate can make for great atmospheric conditions. You can often hear the seals howling, and the evening flight lines of birds can be wonderful.

This evening in particular had a great mix of cirrus and cirrocumulous clouds, a terrific inversion (low cloud level caused by and overlying layer of warm air) around Arran, and wonderful colour. It was also that encouraging mix of rising tide, still sea, and fading light that makes for great otter spotting. I know, I'm supposed to be working; but everyone needs a break right. Just two laps of the point, then home to the laptop.

The Clyde provides fantastic sunsets.

I nearly didn't do both turns, after the first lap - as I passed the house - my favourite jackdaw flew down to see if there was any suet going spare. I almost stopped to feed him. But I think he disliked my bright red trousers (they are special), flying off as I approached. So I ignored him and wandered of for my second turn round the point. As I reached Farland Bight I another person. Another person, on my quiet evening stroll. I picked up the pace and left him behind. Then something caught my eye in the water. Otter! Score! No wait, a tangle of otters... barely distinguishable from one another as they rolled in the shallows.

There were three otters, a female and two large kits, foraging on whatever was moving up the shore on the incoming tide. Nipping in and out of the water. I ducked low behind the scrub and began to run home for my camera... then stopped. Bryony and Tracy would certainly want to see this. And what if they were gone by the time I came back?

After 30 seconds of dilemma - get the camera, or alert my friends to the otters - I chose altruism and started dialling. So no otter pictures this evening, just a smug me and some sound advice. If you happen to have missed the ferry on a still evening in Millport, head for Farland point. You'll have be cold, but you might just be happy.

No otters, just more cloud

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