Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Otter weather

I had a hideous headache when I got back from York this afternoon. So hideous that I almost went to bed. But everything about the view said "Ottery". After the storm this afternoon the bay was wonderfully still, no wind, and it was a good tide.

Sure enough, as I got round to Farland Bight there were shapes moving up and down the far side of the bay. The same female and two cubs (last year's) that we had seen a couple of weeks ago. Unlike last time, I bolted to get the camera before I lost the light.

Our resident female

She was repeatedly bringing in fish for the two (quite large) kits

Aside from being eaten alive by midges, we got great views of her bringing in prey; this included one very large wrasse, which put the kits to squabbling amongst themselves and soon brought in the gulls.

The fish was about half the length of mum.
If the conditions stay good I'll be out again tomorrow night to get into position (with a midge net and a liberal spray of jungle formula), and I'll try to get some clearer images. 

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