Sunday, 1 June 2014

No Otters

Although it may seem strange to recent readers, but there are some nights out on the point I don't see otters. Thankfully, there's always something to look at. The last clear night felt perfect for otters - still, quiet, low tide - but no joy. But there were plenty of other animals out foraging on the point. The first thing I noticed was an amazing number of herons (7 on the point alone), all with successful strikes while I was wandering. 

First fish-eater of the night, grey heron


There must've been plenty of fish around as the seals were in close, with a couple of big grey seals cruising around the bay. And for most of the day there were a pair of foraging harbour porpoise further out. Starting in close between Farland and the Eileans and moving out toward little Cumbrae as the tide dropped away.

One of two porpoises feeding between the point and the mainland

But my stars of the evening where (for a change) the oystercatchers, not only were they surprisingly quiet and confiding, but I also got nice views of this year's fluffy, big-footed chicks. I'm always amazed that something so small and incapable of more than a flap is able to move around between the large boulders. It becomes very tempting to scramble over the rocks for a closer look, then I think about finding somewhere dry to put my camera (and the stress to the animal, I'm not evil), and think better of it. I could have stayed out and watched them all evening, except for the clouds of midges, which soon sent me scurrying for the house.

Oystercatcher on Farland

Two Oyk chicks on Farland

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