Sunday, 31 August 2014

Ruffed up in Motherwell

I had the most epic day at Baron's Haugh last week. We'd headed out to Motherwell to have a shot at ringing the second year red breasted goose that has been kicking around - but no dice. So we decided to nip five minutes up the road to see if it was at Carburns.

Parking at the RSPB reserve, I did my usual routine of pestering the first person with bins for info. No sign of the goose at Carburns, but the little reserve was hoaching! Along with the usual wildfowl and waders there were 2 ruff, a reeve, 5 black tailed godwit, 2 juvenile rail, 1 knot, 3 green sandpipers, a kingfisher, a dunlin, and about 3 goldcrest. If that's not a sign autumn's on the way, I don't know what is! Enjoy the snaps (the second one is my favourite)!

Black Tailed Godwit

Rail, Knot, Ruff, Green Sand.... YAY!

Sneaka, sneaka, sneaka... Can't see me...


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