Sunday, 7 September 2014

Getting the heck out of Dodge

On Saturday I got up early and took a drive around the island. It was the country and western festival, so I knew I had to be quick before the hordes of pink booted, spangley hatted drunks arrived. 

Not much about, a cormorant at Ballochmartin Bay, along with increasing numbers of bar-wits and curlew. On the far side of the island at Portachur there were twite mixed in with the feeding linnet and goldfinches, and the sandwich terns were resting on the rocks between feeding sessions.

Haven't they Grown!

At the sewage works

On Sunday I decided to get of the island all together and hit Glasgow, I started off with Millichen farm, successfully nabbing a few tree sparrows, but the locals were out shooting, and I didn't feel comfortable straying far from the road. I did get brilliant views of a female sparrow hawk working up and down the hedgerows lining the lane.

Poor record shot

From Millichen I went to Motherwell to Strathclyde Loch, and finally managed to link up with the long staying red breasted goose. The loch was swarming with people and dogs, so the bird was hiding at the sluices at the north end. Still, I managed a few nice shots before the crowds drove me away. From there is was food at Lochwinnoch with the locals, then home - just as the cowboys were leaving. Magic.

RB Goose 1

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